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Zantos for the first time itch-free in the summer!

Experience with Finecto+ Horse

Summer-itch reduces by Finecto+ Horse

Fiencto+ Horse review 4

For the first time in several years our horse Zantos is not scratching at midnight in his stable during summer.

In the previous years he was 24/7 outside in the summer, cause in a stable he was constantly itching. Outside he had no walls to scratch to, so that seems better for him. When we bought Zantos, we started to give Finecto+ Horse to him. We already used this product for our chickens and had good results there.

After two weeks we saw some interesting results. He was no longer that itchy in his stable at midnight. Surprisingly he was less itchy in the stable than outside. On the really hot days our other horses were really annoyed of all the flies etc. and were galopping through the flied. Zantos was just really calm and grazing.

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