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Finecto+ method for pigeons

The Finecto+ method in pigeons is based on the behavior of the red poultry mite, but can also be used with feather lice and scaly legs. Accessibility is essential. That is why the method consists of three different products which affect the parasites in the coop and on the pigeons selfs. Combine these three products and keep calmness in the coop.

The combination of three products

The Finecto+ method for pigeons consists of three products: the spray, the powder and the test. All products have a different effect and contribute to the overall approach.

Finecto+ test methode
Finecto+ Red mite test

Red mites emerge from their hiding place at night and climb up the legs of your pigeons so that they can suck blood. When they have had their fill they climb back down and go in search of the nearest hiding place. Mites like tiny, dark spaces where the pigeons cannot get and eat them.

When you place the Finecto Test tube directly next to the nests, this will be the first suitable hiding place the mites will encounter. They will try to build a nest on the stick in the tube where they can lay their eggs. Because the stick is easily removed, you will be able to check the number of mites each week and then take appropriate action.

Finecto+ protect methode
Finecto+ Protect spray

Finecto+ Protect is an environment spray, which makes the places where you spray unattractive and astringent for mites. Finecto+ consists only of natural components. The animals can remain in the cage during the treatment. The product is naturally degradable and as a result it is not a pollutant. By spraying into the environment / cage every 5 to 6 weeks you keep the mites outside!

Finecto+ oral methode
Finecto+ Oral feed supplement

Finecto+ Oral makes the blood of pigeons unattractive for mites by making use of herbs. These herbs ensure that the mites cannot digest the blood any longer. It is very easy to mix the powder into the feed. The components are exclusively natural and that means that they are not harmful for the animals and production.

Approach with red poultry mites

It is essential to be able to reach the lice and mites during all stages of their development. By adding Finecto+ Oral to the pigeons’ food you will reach all of the lice and mites sucking the blood of your chickens. The natural herbs and essential oils in Finecto+ Oral make the blood indigestible for these parasites, with the result that they will abandon the animal, be unable to reproduce and eventually disappear altogether. The unhatched eggs and larvae do not suck blood and so cannot be treated with this method, but they can be reached by using Finecto+ Protect spray. These eggs and larvae are usually hidden deep in inaccessible cracks and seams. However, as soon as they start moving about they come into contact with the Finecto+ Protect spray, which needs to be sprayed directly onto the route that they take. Finecto+ Protect spray continues to be very effective long after spraying thanks to its ability to stick to every surface. In addition, the adult lice and mites that abandon the animal after the use of Finecto+ Oral also come into contact with the layer of Finecto+ Protect.

The combination of Finecto+ Oral and Finecto+ Protect can reach all lice and mites at all stages of their development. Finecto+ is the most effective method you can use.

Finecto+ Red mite test – Makes signaling of Red mites simple and ensures you start treatment on time.
Finecto+ Oral – Makes blood indigestible for all blood-sucking mites.
Finecto+ Protect – Spray protects environment against lice and mites.

Approah with feather lice

Feather lice stay on the pigeons the whole time. Therefore you need to treat the pigeons. With an externally used product it’s unable to reach all the feather lice underneath the feathers. With the feeding supplement this is possible. Mix Finecto+ Oral in the feed for at least 21 days. The feather lice will go off the pigeons.

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