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Sweet itch

From April to the end of October many horses are itching their mane and tail. This itching is often caused by the bite of midges (cullicoïdes mosquito), mainly draft horses. Most horses do not suffer from the bite of this mosquito and will not get itchy. Usually this itchiness starts with the mane or tail, but it can also occur in other places such as on the head and belly of horses.

Prevent itching of the tail and mane in the summer

With most horses, it is possible to control itching. However, all this has to do with timing and perseverance. The approach should be aimed at preventing the first bite and the subsequent bites of the midges. You can only prevent these bites by starting on time with treatment.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and start as soon as the temperature rises above 10 ° C. This is different every year, sometimes the beginning of March is already warm and sometimes it starts in May. The right timing already creates a significantly lower risk of itching.


Total approach sweet itch

There is no single product to prevent itching during the summer. Only by applying a total approach you can get sweet itch under control. This total approach is different per horse because every horse responds differently. This has to do with, for example, the diet, bloodcirculation, immune system and waste products in the horse’s body. Therefore react quickly to the symptoms of your horse and adjust your approach if it starts to show symptoms of itchiness. Read the do’s & don’ts below.


  • Start the approach at 10 ° C (sometimes this is already in March)
  • Apply all the points below:
    • Make the horse unattractive to mosquitoes by feeding Finecto + Horse throughout the season (March to October)
    • Put an eczema blanket when the temperature is 10 ° C or higher (also under a rain or winter blanket)
    • Put the horse in the barn during dusk (so after 11 am outside and around 3 pm inside)
    • If possible, put your horse in a windy environment (large open field)
    • Limit sugars in food and during grazing
  • Does your horse still itchy? Then spray the mane and tail well with Finecto + Protect for extra protection.
  • Make sure the blood circulation of the horse is good
    • For example by a supplement, lymph drainage or an infrared blanket
  • Make sure the horses liver can properly dispose his waste product
    • Give a detox before the season


  • Do not start until the horse has symptoms of itching
  • applying only 1 of the above measures
  • Feed concentrate with lots of sugar and starch
  • No strip grazing
  • Too early on the meadow
  • Keeping the horse outside during dusk
  • Expect that one product is the panacea

On some sunny days it can be that there are suddenly many mosquitoes and flies and the pressure of them is higher. In that case, spray extra strong anti-fly spray on the manes, tail and legs of the horse.

Conclusion: Start on time and be consistent. Apply as many measures as possible and react immediately to symptoms. Every horse is different. Find out what works well for your horse.

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