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Finendo Cox & Worm (chickens – birds – rabbits)


For irritation caused by worms and other intestinal parasites. Finendo+ COX & WORM supports the natural immune system of the animals, inhibits the development of intestinal parasites and optimizes intestinal health.

  • For coccidiosis and intestinal problems in chickens, birds and rabbits.
  • Eggs can be eaten during and after treatment
  • No effect on the taste and quality of the eggs
  • 100% natural, contains no poison
  • Preventive and curative usable
The approach

Chickens, birds and rabbits come into contact with the excrement of other species. This way they take over the intestinal parasites from each other. If chickens walk outside and eat snails, they can become infected with worms. Decreased loss of condition, weight loss, symptoms of illness and death can result. With the natural Finendo+ we make this problem manageable in a natural way.

It thickens the gut wall of the chickens. This prevents worm eggs from settling in the intestine. In this way, the good intestinal bacteria remain intact, but the worms no longer have a chance to nest.

Instructions for usage:
Curative: 15 ml. per liter of drinking water for 5 days.
Preventive: 15 ml. per liter of drinking water for 2 days a week.

Renew the solution daily.

To use for:
Chickens – Birds – Rabbits (all same dosage)

Waiting time for chicken eggs:
0 days, no influence on taste and quality of eggs and meat.

500 ml

Analytic composition:
Pentose, Sodium chloride and aromatic substances (herbs and essential oils)

Crude Protein: 0%. Total fat: 0%. Crude fibre: 0%. Crude ash: 0 %. Sodium (Na): 0mgg. Lysine: 0 gram/Kg. Methionine: 0 gram/Kg, moisture 97%.

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