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Finecto+ Horse combinationkit for horses


Combinatiekit of Finecto+ Horse & Finecto+ Protect spray.  The spray can be used on the horse and it’s environment. If your horse has wounds or flakes of skin, you can use the spray to support the healing process.

  • Protects your horse againts ectoparasites
  • 100% natural, no chemicals.
  • The strenght of herbs
  • Ordered before 15.00u, sent the same day!
The approach

The approach

Finecto+ Horse supplement

Curative treatment, in case of summer eczema or feather mite:

Horses weighing more than 400 Kg.:
– 1st week 6 measuring spoons per horse per day,
– 2nd week 4 measuring spoons per day,
– after that 2 measuring spoons per day.

Horses and ponies up to 400 Kg.:
– 1st week 3 measuring spoons per horse per day,
– 2nd week 2 measuring spoons per day,
– after that 1 measuring spoon per day.

For a quicker result also rub the wounds well with Finecto+ Protect environment spray.

Preventative treatment:

Horses weighing more than 400 Kg.:
– 2 measuring spoons per day.

Horses and ponies up to 400 Kg.:
– 1 measuring spoon per day.

Finecto+ Horse is supplied in a 600-gram sealable jar, sufficient for 50 days preventative use in horses of more than 400 Kg. and 100 days in horses and ponies below 400 Kg.

Analytic composition:
Calcium carbonate, Sodium and aromatic substances.

Crude Protein: 11.7%. Total fat: 4.4%. Crude fibre: 5.1%. Crude ash: 28.92%. Sodium (Na): 463 mg/Kg. Lysine: 5.67 gram/Kg. Methionine: 1.43 gram/Kg.

Finecto+ Protect Spray

Always shake the bottle well before use. The white substance at the bottom must be dissolved completely!

The spray of Finecto+ is ment to use on skin which is injured by parasites. For example on flakes and wounds on the legs. The spray ensures that these wounds dry and heal. Also there is silica in it which has an effect on parasites when they walk over the sprayed area. This makes the parasites to dry out.
Because parasites are living underneath the skin, it is hard to reach them all with an external product such as this spray. The Finecto+ Horse supplement for the feed is developed to reach all parasites on the skin. So always use the spray in combination with the Finecto+ Horse feed supplement. Use the spray once a day on the legs and infected skin areas. If the wounds are big, then you can use it twice a day. Please rub the spots well after spraying.
Next to that Finecto+ works the best if all horses in a herd are treated. This because it could be that mites go to the horses which aren’t treated. They want to suck blood and they don’t like the treated horse anymore, so they search for another horse which is tasting good. Also it could be that other horses are infected with mite, but they don’t show signs of itchiness. If these horses aren’t treated, the will be contagious to the horse that is treated. Mites will come back.
Finecto+ method for horses

Read more about the Finecto+ approach for horses

Finecto+ method for horses
Finecto+ Protect
Finecto+ Protect
  • Makes animals and environment unattractive for red mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • Eggs can be eaten without having to wait
  • If ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day
  • 1000ml
Finecto+ Horse
Finecto+ Horse
  • More than 95% less problems with mites, midges and lice
  • 100% natural and contains no poison.
  • The strength of herbs
  • Ordered before 15.00 u, sent the same day!
  • 600 g
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