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Finecto+ Protect


Finecto+ Protect is a sticky spray containing small particles of silicon dioxide. When young red mites walk over a sprayed surface, their abdomens are torn open and they dry out. This way, they are eliminated before they can reach the chickens. Be ware: older, mature red mites are thicker and can walk over it. Therefore combine it always with Finecto+ Oral to reach the mature red mites. Finecto+ consists only of natural components. It can also be used to spray onto horses in the winter with mites and in the summer with sweet itch.

  • Makes animals and environment unattractive for red mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • Eggs can be eaten without having to wait
  • If ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day
  • 1000ml
The approach

The approach

Chickens / birds:

Thoroughly clean the animal pen with lots of water, preferably with a high pressure sprayer. Then spray Finecto+ Protect in all places where the red mites can pass on their way from their hiding place. Think of walls, floors, perches, breeding places, cracks, seams and all other possible abodes. The red mite usually walks up the legs to feed itself! The mites can also survive outside their nests. For effective protection the surfaces should be sprayed with Finecto+ until they are very wet. One treatment with Finecto+ offers more than a month protection, depending on the number of mites present.

Be aware! -older, mature red mites are thicker and can walk over it. Always combine the spray with the feed supplement Finecto+ Oral. This reaches the older red mites who are eating blood from the chickens/birds. Red mites can’t digest them, so they can’t lay new eggs anymore. This breaks the life cycle.

Finecto+ is 100% safe. The animals can remain in the cage during the treatment. It does not contain any poison and is harmless to humans and animals. It does not cause resistance. This means that red mite control is assured for many years. It is 100% naturally degradable, no pollutant!

Always shake the bottle well before use. Red mites are present the whole year round. Infestations occur when the conditions are optimal (warm and damp weather). Use Finecto+ the whole year round, every 4 to 5 weeks.


Always shake the bottle well before use. The white substance at the bottom must be dissolved completely!

The spray of Finecto+ is ment to use on skin which is injured by parasites. For example on flakes and wounds on the legs. The spray ensures that these wounds dry and heal. Also there is silica in it which has an effect on parasites when they walk over the sprayed area. This makes the parasites to dry out.

Because parasites are living underneath the skin, it is hard to reach them all with an external product such as this spray. The Finecto+ Horse supplement for the feed is developed to reach all parasites on the skin. So always use the spray in combination with the Finecto+ Horse feed supplement. Use the spray once a day on the legs and infected skin areas. If the wounds are big, then you can use it twice a day. Please rub the spots well after spraying.

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