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Scaly leg mite in chickens

Scaly legs in chickens are caused by scaly leg mite. This parasite is so small that it is virtually impossible to see. It nestles deep between the scales on the chicken’s legs. Scaly leg mite can easily be transferred to other chickens via the perches and litter. They cannot be transferred to humans or other animals (apart from poultry). Just like red mites, these mites love a moist, warm environment.


Symptoms of scaly legs

  • Chickens are itching
  • Thick, swollen legs
  • Leg scales stand apart
  • Grayish dirt between the scales
  • Blood on the legs

Preventing scaly legs

It is virtually impossible to prevent scaly leg mite, because you cannot see them with the naked eye. By the time you start seeing scaly legs on your chickens, you are already to late to start treating it properly. Because scaly leg mites love a moist environment,

we recommend cleaning the chicken coop every 14 days and keeping it dry. If your chickens have swollen legs and scales that stand apart in spite of this, start the treatment as soon as possible.

Finecto+ combinationkit for chickens / birds / reptiles
Finecto+ combinationkit for chickens / birds / reptiles
  • Makes the blood and environment unattractive for mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • No waiting time. The eggs can still be eaten during and after the treatment
  • If ordered before 16.00, shipped the same day!
  • 300 gram supplement and 1 Liter spray
Finecto Red mite test
Finecto Red mite test
  • Test to check on red mites
  • Tubes which you can place onto the perch
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