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6x Finecto+ Horse (10% discount)


Order 6 Finecto+ Horse tubs and get 10% discount. Free shipping! Finecto+ Horse is an horse food supplement on the basis of carefully selected aromatic substances; all you have to do is sprinkle it on the food.

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  • Protects your horse against ectoparasites
  • 100% natural and contains no poison.
  • The strength of herbs
  • Ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day!
  • 6 x 600 g
The approach

Analytic composition:

Calcium carbonate, Sodium and aromatic substances.



Crude Protein: 11.7%. Total fat: 4.4%. Crude fibre: 5.1%. Crude ash: 28.92%. Sodium (Na): 463 mg/Kg. Lysine: 5.67 gram/Kg. Methionine: 1.43 gram/Kg.

Finecto+ method for horses

Read more about the Finecto+ approach for horses

Finecto+ method for horses
Finecto+ Protect
Finecto+ Protect
  • Makes animals and environment unattractive for red mites
  • 100% natural, does not contain poison
  • Eggs can be eaten without having to wait
  • If ordered before 16.00 hours, shipped the same day
  • 1000ml
Finecto+ Horse
Finecto+ Horse
  • More than 95% less problems with mites, midges and lice
  • 100% natural and contains no poison.
  • The strength of herbs
  • Ordered before 15.00 u, sent the same day!
  • 600 g
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