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A detox at the end of the summer: very important for horses that are sensitive to mites

Did your horse suffer from mites in the past year? Then the time has come to give your horse a detox and then start the treatment for the prevention of mites. Detox is often forgotten in the comprehensive approach to mites. However, this is an important first step. Read in this blog why a detox is so important for horses that are sensitive to mites.

Why detox mite-sensitive horses?

Waste products in the horse’s body make the horse’s organs less able to function properly. Due to the reduced functioning of the organs, nutrients are less well absorbed and the general resistance of the horse will decrease. The more waste products the horse has in the body, the more sensitive it is to external influences. This allows mites, lice and, for example, infections to strike more easily and cause nuisance.

Via polluted water, poisonous plants, deworming, vaccinations, medication, diseases, allergies and through daily life, waste products end up in the body. The horse’s body will filter these waste products as much as possible through the lymph system, kidneys, spleen and lungs. Via these organs, the filtered waste products end up in the liver or the waste products are stored in the fat tissue.
This means that the organs and especially the liver are heavily burdened to remove all waste products. The liver can only perform this function properly if the liver itself is also cleaned regularly. If the liver is “clogged” with old waste products, it can no longer perform its function properly, so that the body retains and stores more and more waste products in fat tissue.

How does a detox for horses work?

To help the kidneys and liver get rid of this ballast, a detox based on herbs is recommended. Horses in the wild will also regularly look for certain plants that help to remove waste products. However, most horses have no possibility to do this. A good detox (based on milk thistle, artichoke and turmeric) not only helps to cleanse these organs so that they can fully function again, but also supports the organs so that the kidneys and liver can do their work better. A detox cure is recommended as a short, powerful cure. HELTIE horse Detox, for example, you give 100 ml per day in a cure of 7 days.

When to give a detox?

It is important that a detox is given prior to the mite season. Therefore, give your horse a detox cure in September/October. A good detox cure never lasts longer than 14 days. In addition, naturopaths also recommend cleaning again after the season, in March. A detox twice a year in a cure of a week ensures that waste products are removed and nutrients are therefore better absorbed. This increases the resistance of your horse and supplements also work better.

Why a detox for mite-sensitive horses?

Mites can often strike because these horses have a reduced resistance and because there are ideal conditions for the mites. By detoxing mite-sensitive horses, you increase the resistance and the blood and skin flakes become less attractive to the mites. Supplements that work against mites are also better absorbed when there are less waste products in the body and they can do their function better. Do not forget to treat both internally and externally with a mite infestation.

Therefore, after the detox, start with the herbal supplement Finecto+ Horse. Finecto + Horse is a supplement based on fenugreek, clove, eugenol, Sepiolite, Citronellol, citronellal and essential oils. This combination of ingredients ensures that the blood and skin (flakes) are not digestible for the mites, so mites cannot reproduce and the cycle will be interrupted.

Also treat externally with Finecto + Protectspray. With this spray wounds dry faster and you also tackle the mites.

Start treating in time, before the symptoms appear and help your horse through the winter itch-free.

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