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How does Finecto+ Horse work for horses with mites?

Is your horse stomping or rubbing a lot? Then it’s very likely that mites are the culprit. They burrow small tunnels into the horse’s hide, mainly on the legs. They also suck blood and eat skin flakes in order to lay new eggs. This causes itchiness and in severe cases can also lead to wounds on the legs, causing horses to stomp or even bite their legs. Mites reproduce extremely rapidly, which is why it’s important to start treatment as soon as possible in order to disrupt their life cycle.

How does Finecto+ Horse work?

Finecto+ Horse is an animal feed supplement based on herbs and essential oils. It is a powder that can be sprinkled into the horse’s feed. The herbs and essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream and excreted through the skin. The mites are no longer able to use the blood or skin scales to make new eggs. Their life cycle is disrupted. You can imagine that the more mites you have, the longer it will take before all of them have come into contact with Finecto+ Horse. Finecto+ Horse is part of a more comprehensive treatment against mites. Successful treatment of mites depends entirely on the number of different measures taken. For example, if only a single horse is treated, the mites will return via other horses. After all, mites are extremely contagious and not all horses will show symptoms.

Finecto+ Horse as part of a treatment plan

Finecto+ Horse is one part of a comprehensive treatment plan for horses with mites. This means that the best and fastest results are achieved by implementing as many steps as possible. For example, Finecto+ Horse is absorbed less efficiently if a horse has poor immunity and an accumulation of waste products, for example. A detox is therefore always recommended in horses with a mite infection. Continue reading to find out about other steps in the comprehensive treatment plan for mites in horses.


Step 1: Begin treatment as soon as possible

Mites reproduce extremely rapidly, laying up to 8 eggs a day. The more mites, the longer it will take for the results of treatment to be visible. Mite eggs can hatch up to a year after being laid, which is why treatment is always a lengthy process. Did your horse have mites last year? Then it’s very likely that it will have them again the next year.


Step 2: Treat all horses

Mites are highly contagious. And while some horses will show no symptoms of itchiness, they can still be infected. If only horses with symptoms are treated, Finecto+ Horse will have reduced results. Best results are seen when all the horses are given Finecto+ Horse and more mites can be reached.


Step 3: Give the horse a detox

A horse with a mite infection often also has a lot of accumulated waste products in its body as well as a reduced resistance to disease. This explains why the weaker horses are usually the first to show symptoms of mite infection. It is therefore necessary to increase their immunity. This can be done by means of a detox, during which the body eliminates all accumulated waste products. Finecto+ Horse also works better after a detox, as the herbs can be absorbed and distributed through the body more effectively.


Step 4: Restrict sugars in the feed

Mites love sugars, so restricting sugars as well as starch in the horse’s feed concentrate and coarse fodder is also an important measure if your horse has mites. Give sufficient clean dry hay and a small amount of high-quality concentrate that is low in sugar. Or you can opt for products containing linseed oil as an energy source for example, to be given with the coarse fodder.


Step 5: Treat wounds and lesions

Horses that already have wounds and scabs due to a mite infection are plagued by intense itchiness and discomfort, which results in stomping behaviour. In this case, treat the affected skin with Finecto+ Spray or another relieving product. It will also cause the channels burrowed by the mites in the skin to dry out, allowing the wounds to dry faster and preventing the horse from rubbing them open again.


Step 6: Ensure that the stable vicinity and horse gear are clean

Brushes, saddle cloths and blankets can harbour lots of eggs and mites. It’s therefore also important to decontaminate and wash these items. Similar to the use of the shampoos for the horse’s legs, you have to do this several times, with intervals of about ten days.

For how long should I add Finecto+ Horse to the horse feed?

We recommend using Finecto+ Horse until there are no more mite eggs. Unfortunately, there is no method to confirm that there aren’t any more eggs., That’s why it’s important to continue the treatment for some time after you have determined that the symptoms have stopped. There may still be eggs that could still hatch later. We recommend in any case to use it throughout the mite season, which is from September until April.

If desired, however, Finecto+ Horse can be used throughout the year. Did you know that Finecto+ Horse is also a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for sweet itch?


Curative treatment, in case of sweet itch or feather mite:

Horses weighing more than 400 Kg.:
– 1st week 6 measuring spoons per horse per day,
– 2nd week 4 measuring spoons per day,
– after that 2 measuring spoons per day.

Horses and ponies up to 400 Kg.:
– 1st week 3 measuring spoons per horse per day,
– 2nd week 2 measuring spoons per day,
– after that 1 measuring spoon per day.

For a quicker result also rub the wounds well with Finecto+ Protect environment spray.

Preventative treatment:

Horses weighing more than 400 Kg.:
– 2 measuring spoons per day.

Horses and ponies up to 400 Kg.:
– 1 measuring spoon per day.

Finecto horse ervaring stal zadelhoff

De Zadelhoff stables – Finecto+ Horse testimonial

We run a small-scale stable and breeding operation with exclusively Frisian horses.
We have a total of 15 Frisian horses. We always used to have to spend a large amount of time treating the horses’ legs, since Frisian horses always have a lot of trouble with mites and mud fever.

One chemical concoction after the other would then be used to try to relieve the horses (which would often result in weekly treatments and watering eyes amongst the carers). We could never use them for our breeding mares and foals since they are harmful to the unborn foetus and to foals when they lick their legs.

During a conversation with our farmer at the company (cows/sheep/chickens), he explained that he always uses Finecto for chickens with mite and that there’s also a formula for horses now. A completely natural product that is highly effective.
I decided to research it a little more myself and since the wellbeing of our horses is a priority for us we started using it right away.

Now, one and a half years later, I can attest that the entire stable is essentially mite-free!! We no longer have to do anything for their lower legs (except for daily brushing, possibly washing with lukewarm water when we’re going to ride them) and they no longer have any trouble with stomping or mud fever. If we notice that they start rubbing their legs, we’ll use the Finecto spray and the rubbing stops.

In short – we’re very pleased with the product Finecto+ Horse and we will definitely continue to use it!
Now also available in a value-sized bucket, which helps save some money.
I’d recommend it to anyone with Frisians (or Gypsy Cobs).

Finecto+ Horse
Finecto+ Horse
  • More than 95% less problems with mites, midges and lice
  • 100% natural and contains no poison.
  • The strength of herbs
  • Ordered before 15.00 u, sent the same day!
  • 600 g
Finecto+ Horse 3KG
Finecto+ Horse 3KG
  • More than 95% less problems with ectoparasites
  • 100% natural and contains no poison.
  • The strength of herbs
  • Ordered before 15.00 u, sent the same day!
  • 3000 g

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Finecto+ Horse also be used for pregnant or nursing mares?

Yes, this isn’t a problem. Finecto+ Horse is safe for pregnant and nursing mares.

  • How long does a container of Finecto+ Horse typically last?

The contents of a container of Finecto+ Horse is 600 grams, and one measured scoop is approximately 6 grams. For a preventative dose, a container of Finecto+ Horse will last 50 days for a horse and 100 days for a pony. For a curative dose, the first

  • Is there a value-sized container available?

Yes, there’s also a 3-kg bucket of Finecto+ Horse available. Go to our web shop here to see the Finecto+ Horse value-sized bucket.

  • How should I detox my horse?

It’s best to detox/drain your horse with herbs such as artichoke, juniper berry and milk thistle. We have had good experiences with HELTIE horse liver and kidney supplement, which is a treatment of 5 – 7 days.

  • What is the composition of Finecto+ Horse?

Unfortunately, freely available herbs cannot be registered. This means that at this time we are not able to disclose the exact composition, given that our competitors would love to reproduce it. Of course, we would prefer to reveal its full composition, which is why we are currently working on registering the product. However, this is very time-consuming as well as expensive. We have, in the meantime, been granted certificates from the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) establishing that it is free of veterinary drugs. As a result of the fipronil crisis, the NVWA re-analysed all products for chickens in the lab, including ours. This product (Finecto+ oral) is exactly the same as the formula for horses, except that the concentration and the filler used are different. For the formula for horses we use fenugreek as the filler. View the certificate here. The formula also contains citronellal and citronellol for example. We do not use garlic in our formula. Is your horse allergic to a particular herb? If so, contact us so that we can verify whether or not that substance is in the formula.

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