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Finecto+ Bath

  • Dust bath powder
  • Optimal grain size of 0.09 mm
  • Parasites repellent
  • 100% natural
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The approach

Fill a (dust bath) container with Finecto+ BATH. The minimum dimensions for a chicken dust bath tray is 35 cm wide and 45 cm long. Fill the dust bath tray with a layer of 5 cm powder or more. Place the dust bath in a dry place in the coop or outdoor enclosure.

It is not a problem if the chickens eat the dust bath powder. This is usually due to a deficiency or need for minerals. The good absorbability of the minerals in Finecto+ BATH will maintain or even improve the eggshell quality.

Silicon minerals, Calcium minerals, Magnesium minerals, Trace elements.

Combine Finecto+ BATH with Finecto+ PROTECT spray in the environment, Finecto+ ORAL in the feed and Finecto+ SOLUTION (coming soon) in the drinking water for optimal protection of your chickens or birds.

7,5 KG

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