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Why insecticides are not effective against lice

What are insecticides?

Insecticides are pesticides that kill insects. These can be chemical pesticides, but also non-chemical pesticides. They are mainly used to control insects; for instance lice, ants and cockroaches. Because of the chemicals these pesticides are poisonous to insects.

Disadvantages of insecticides & biocides:

  • Lice and other insects can become resistant to them
  • The target insect is not the only one that is killed, but other animals such as useful insects that come into contact with it can be killed too.
  • Nature cannot degrade some of the ingredients
  • When using insecticides you cannot eat the animals’ eggs / meat
  • Can stop plants’ growth hormones
  • Can have harmful side effect
  • Can have harmful effects on humans and environment

Why are insecticides not effective against lice?

Lice are small and very pernicious insects. Their bodies are hard and small and their behavior makes it difficult for insecticides to hit them. Also, in the end, lice become resistant to insecticides, so it does no longer matters whether or not the insecticides hit them.

Chemical pesticides have no effect on the eggs (nits). When these nits grow into adult lice, you will have to start using the pesticides again. Most insecticides do not remain attached to the surfaces where they were sprayed. This can mean that you have to keep treating for a long time to get rid of all lice. And secondly lice are active during the night, so spraying during the day won’t have an effect since you can’t reach the lice with the spray and the spray doesn’t stick. Furthermore, the longer you use insecticides the worse for your chickens or birds. In the case of chickens, the longer you will have to stop eating the eggs.

What does work?

Finecto+ is not a pesticide for insects. It is however an effective approach which helps when there is a lice problem. Animals and become unattractive when Finecto+ Oral is added to their food, because it makes the blood unattractive for lice. Secondly when the environment is treated with Finecto+ Protect spray, the environment becomes also unattractive for lice. The spray of Finecto+ Protect sticks to the surface, as insecticides don’t stick. As a result, lice no longer want to eat and they are unable to digest the blood they ingest. Without blood they cannot reproduce.

The Finecto+ products are not harmful to humans and animals. It is possible to keep eating the eggs and it solves the lice problem in a natural way. Read more about the way Finecto+ works.

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