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Stay alert! Red mites can also hatch in the autumn!

Slowly the temperatures continue to drop, many chicken owners hope that this will also put the red mites at rest. But did you know that at temperatures above 5 degrees, the adult red mites are just active and then also lay eggs? And that at temperatures above 10 degrees the eggs hatch and can develop into adult red mites?

A red mite infestation also occurs in the autumn

There only needs to be a rise in temperature in the autumn and it can just happen that your chicken coop is full of red mites. Red mites eggs wait for ideal conditions to hatch and as soon as they are there they do so en masse. It is therefore possible that in the autumn there is suddenly an outbreak of red mites.

The eggs survive the freezing cold

As mentioned in blogs before, the eggs of red mites are extremely strong. They can hatch at least 2 years later and survive an atomic attack, so to speak. The freezing cold is no problem for the eggs either. They only develop when the temperature rises above 10 degrees and then cause an explosion of red mites.

Do not stop treating against red mites!

Have you had a red mites infestation this summer or do you want to prevent this? Then continue to treat (preventively) in the autumn! Spray the coop every 4 weeks with a silica-based environmental spray and give regular courses of an aromatic food supplement. If you give this over the food for at least 14 days in a row, you will break a possible cycle of adult red mites.
So stay alert in the autumn, because even then there can be red mites and cause a lot of nuisance!

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