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Mites Season in Horses: What Steps Should I Take?

Unfortunately, the mite season has already started, the first horses are already stamping and chafing with their legs. October is often (unfortunately) the month in which the mites are on the rise. Temperatures drop, it gets wetter and the horse’s resistance is under pressure. But what steps should you take now?

Start Boosting Resistance!

The better the resistance, the more resilient horses are against mites. It is therefore extremely important to keep the resistance of your horse optimal. The bad weather, the shedding, etc., all affect the resistance. It is therefore extremely important to support your horse in this. First of all, make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals. This can be done by temporarily increasing the balancer/mineral chunk or by, for example, giving extra minerals (liquid from the Bering Sea). In addition, liquid nettle tincture is a huge boost for resistance! This has the advantage that it is also blood purifying, so that you also immediately give a mild detox.

Start with an internal supplement against mites

Do you know that your horse is sensitive to mites? Then don’t wait until your horse stamps and starts developing spots, but start giving a natural supplement earlier. You can often start with the normal maintenance dose and it is not necessary to start with a high dose. Starting early with the product has the advantage that the first mites immediately ingest the “indigestible” blood and can no longer reproduce. This will immediately break the cycle and keep the infection under control.

Shave the legs and soak the legs

This always remains a problem for horse owners, especially if the horses have beautiful feathers. But shaving the legs is a very important prevention measure in horses that are sensitive to mites. By shaving the legs, you make the legs more unattractive, because there are fewer warm, sweltering spots. And you also ensure that wounds are seen more easily and their treatment is easier.
In addition, we recommend soaking the legs in a solution of, among other things, castor oil and lavender. This solution supports the skin, has a soothing effect and repels mites.

Keep treating consistently!

Mites are a persistent problem. You cannot kill the eggs of mites, which means that there is very easy re-infestation. It is therefore not over after 2 weeks, you will have to continue to treat preventively during the entire mite season to keep the problem under control. Therefore, continue to support the resistance, provide dry standing and lying areas, continue to provide a preventive supplement against mites and regularly soak the legs in the solution of castor tree oil.

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