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How does Finecto+ Dog work against ticks?

Does your dog tend to attract a lot of ticks during walks? A downside of good weather is that ticks become active as well. And with the milder winters today, ticks become active earlier on and in larger numbers. Ticks cause irritation as well as transmitting diseases such as Lyme. This is why it is important to keep your dog free of ticks. Did you know that a lot of anti-tick solutions don’t repel, but herbs do? Read all about it below.

how finecto dog works against ticks

How Finecto+ Dog works

Finecto+ Dog consists of carefully selected herbs and etheric oils. Adding Finecto+ Dog to its food will cause your dog to absorb these aromatic substances. They are then transported in the dog’s bloodstream and excreted by the skin. Ticks hate these scents and will not latch onto the skin as a result. It takes around 4 days to notice initial improvement, which remains unaffected when your dog goes for a swim.

The Finecto+ Dog approach is 100% natural. Ticks don’t develop resistance as they don’t need to bite for the treatment to take effect, as with chemical treatments. The dog’s scent is enough for 90% of ticks to stay away, which means Finecto+ Dog has a repellent effect.

Some ticks will still bite

No product can avoid tick bites at a 100% rate. Chemical products often require the tick to bite first in order to absorb the poison that causes it to die/let go. A tick may end up biting a dog treated with Finecto+ Dog but you will notice a sharp decline. It is recommended to inspect your dog for ticks after every walk. Found a tick? Tick diseases aren’t transmitted as soon as they bite because they need to dig in first. Removing the tick within 24 hours reduces the risk of infection to a minimum. Use a tick remover to get rid of the tick and refrain from applying alcohol. It may ‘startle’ the tick, causing it to throw up and transmit a disease.

The Finecto+ Dog roadmap against ticks

You can limit the nuisance of ticks with just several simple steps. See the roadmap below:


1- Adding Finecto+ Dog to the food  

Sprinkle Finecto+ over your dog’s food every day throughout the tick season (usually between March and September). You can also mix it with linseed oil and drizzle it over the food.


2- Inspect the dog for ticks after every walk

Inspect the dog regularly to quickly remove any ticks that may have latched on. This limits the risk of infection.


3- Optimise the immune system

Just like for humans and other animals, it is recommended to cleanse a dog’s body in spring and fall. Dogs ingest various waste substances by drinking from ponds or through medication and worm treatment. Accumulated waste substances can be cleansed with a detox (also known as a drainage). The added benefit is that it enhances the effect of herb-based supplements such as Finecto+ Dog!


Are you looking for a natural approach to ticks with a focus on prevention? Finecto+ Dog is just the product for you. Just add Finecto+ Dog to its food to reduce tick bites by 90%.

Important facts about Finecto+ Dog

  • Finecto+ Dog remains effective after swimming
  • Finecto+ Dog is 100% natural, making it safe for humans and nature alike
  • Ticks do not build resistance against Finecto+ Dog
  • Finecto+ Dog also works against fleas and lice
  • Finecto+ is not suitable for cats due to the herbs it contains. A lot of herbs are poisonous to cats.
Finecto+ Dog
Finecto+ Dog
  • 100% natural, contains no toxins
  • More than 90% protection against fleas and ticks
  • Enough for 300 days*
  • 300 g
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