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Did you know that chickens eat red mites?

Yes it really is true, chickens eat red mites when they see them. This is also why red mites are active at night. Then the chickens sit on sticks and can suck blood undisturbed. Red mites are very smart because they will always build their nest in a place the chicken cannot reach. Unless the red mite outbreak is so big that there is no other way. But did you know that chickens can also contribute a little to the treatment of red mites? In this blog we explain how exactly and why it is therefore extra important to choose a natural treatment method.

Behavior of red mites

Do you know the characteristics of red mites’ behavior? They are clever parasites. Knowing how the red mites behave makes it easier to treat. We have listed the main characteristics of red mite behavior:

  • An adult red mite goes to the chicken once every six days to suck blood.
  • A red mite needs blood to lay new eggs.
  • Red mites are active at night (once every six days).
  • They build nests as close as possible to the chicken where the chicken cannot reach them, preferably in the dark.
  • A red mite lays about 8 eggs per day.
  • A red mite usually walks up the chicken’s legs. Unless the chicken is sitting on the nest.
  • A red mite egg can wait up to three years to hatch.

As you can see above, the behavior of red mites is really smart. This is because they are active when the chicken is sleeping and you don’t see them during the day. This way they can do their business undisturbed without being noticed. Only when they are in large numbers will they be visible to the naked eye. But by then you are actually too late to treat.

Chicken helps with the treatment

As you know, chickens love insects. But did you know they also love parasites? Chickens prefer to eat them when they are easy prey. For example, the herbs in natural supplements against red mites cause the red mites to slow down and look for blood that is digestible. As a result, red mites actually become active during the day, as they panic in search of food. Not only you, but also the chicken sees them during the day. And when the chicken sees them it picks them up and helps in the treatment. This may make it seem like the red mite infestation has gotten worse, but it is actually a sign that the treatment is working.

Choose a natural treatment instead of a chemical one 

Because the chickens also eat dead red mites, it is extra important to choose a natural solution. Because when you use a chemical pesticide, the chickens get it themselves and, of course, it also gets into the eggs. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a natural solution.

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