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mite season horses

Be aware: mite and lice season for horses is about to start. Prevent problems and start treatment on time!

The lice and mite season for horses is imminent. Once the weather turns colder and the horses grow a thicker coat, lice and mites will try and find warmth with your horse. Lice and mites are especially a menace for horses with a lot of furr. However, just as with summer eczema, the rule of thumb with lice and mites is that the first bite should be prevented. Start treatment on time this year and avoid a scratching/stomping horse in the meadow!

September is for detox!

A detox stimulates the liver and kidneys to process more waste products from the body. You can compare the liver to a car filter. When it’s not cleaned every now and then, the filter loses capacity. In the winter time the horse needs a good working liver to prevent mites, but also to keep warm and get a winter coat. Therefore we advise you to detox your horse in september. Also a product like Finecto+ Horse works better after a detox because then the herbs an essential oils are absorbed and transported better in the body. A detox is the first step of the total approach against mites. Compare as many measures against mites as you can. Here you can read more about all the measurements you can take.

When should you start treatment?

We recommend starting preventative treatment as soon as the winter coat starts developing. Once horses have an itch and small sores, you’re already too late. The sores will itch horribly as well, resulting in a continuous cycle of itching. Therefore, we recommend starting preventative treatment for lice and mites on horses in early October.

How do you prevent problems with mites?

There are various methods available to treat horses with mites. However, many are based on external treatment with shampoos. As washing the horse’s coat is seen by many horse lovers as quite uncomfortable during the winter, Finecto+ Horse is the next obvious solution, as Finecto+ Horse can simply be mixed in with the food. The herbs and essential oils are secreted through the skin of the horse and make the horse unappealing to lice and mites. In addition, the lice and mites will no longer be able to lay eggs, disrupting their life cycle. Therefore, we recommend starting with a preventative dose in early October. 

Horses with a lower resistance are more susceptible to mite allergy

In autumn the horses’ resistance is running at full capacity. In addition to large fluctuations in temperature, the change of season initiates the shedding process of horses as well. This can result in a decreased resistance (immune system) of the horse, making them more susceptible to ailments. Therefore, it is important to boost your horse’s resistance with the right supplements. Treatment products such as Finecto+ Horse will also work better for a horse with a healthy resistance. In a healthy horse, waste products are better discharged through the skin, which is required for Finecto+ Horse to be effective. See Finecto+ Horse.

Do not forget that mites can be transferred

Is your horse part of a herd or living in a boarding stable? Then please don’t forget that mites can be transferred. Some horses will not show symptoms of mites but can be a carrier all the same. Is your horse still itching even after preventative treatment? There’s a good possibility that the mites’ pressure has grown too strong due to a strong mites infestation in their environment. In addition, mite eggs can be transferred from horse to horse via brushes, saddle pads and blankets.

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