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3 reasons why you should treat mite problems on horses through the feed

3 reasons why you should treat mite problems on horses through the feed

Every horse lover has to deal with lice and/or mites every now and then. Mites that cause summer eczema and mallenders in the summer and mites that seek the warmth of horses in winter. Especially when there are problems with lice, we often end up washing our horse several times. A job that we all prefer to postpone as long as possible, until it is too late and your horse sits chafing in the pasture like a little dog or is chewing constantly in his legs.

What a lot of horse lovers are not aware of, is that nowadays you can treat lice and mites via the feed with Finecto+ Horse. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to worry about those annoying washes with special anti-lice shampoos, these are the three reasons why you can best treat lice and mites through the feed:

1 – You reach all the lice and mites that are on the horse

A nutritional supplement against lice and mites makes the horses blood unattractive for lice and mites. No matter where they are on the horse, they will not like biting or stinging any more. Simply because they can not digest Finecto+ Horse herbs and essential oils.

With conventional anti-lice agents, you often have to spray them on the horse. This never gives a 100% coverage and therefore all the lice and mites can’t be got rid of. Next to that, you can only reach the mites which are on the horse on that moment. It mostly works only one week and then you have to do the same treatment again.

2 – It is 100% natural and no resistance is built up

The Finecto Horse+ nutritional supplement is 100% natural and has no impact on the performance of your horse. Nowadays we see that horse lovers are increasingly going for natural remedies. Horses are sensitive animals and so it is advisable to go for natural products as much as possible instead of chemical products like anti-lice shampoos. And one very fine extra feature; lice and mites do not build up a resistance to Finecto+ Horse unlike with chemical remedies.

3 – It works better under physical exertion

When the horse is physically trained, it sweats and this enhances the effects of herbs and essential oils in Finecto+ Horse. Therefore, before and after a workout, you don’t have to spray your horse with an anti-lice or anti-mite agent. Exertion produces a better effect and the sweat does not reduce the effect as it does in chemical anti-lice products.

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