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Finecto+ now also successfully used for horses, after chickens and birds!

You may know the products of Finecto+ already. The products of Finecto+ were originally developed for lice control of chickens and birds. But chickens are not the only animals that are affected by lice. We kept hearing the question “Is Finecto+ also effective for horses?” After we got positive experiences from horse owners who mixed Finecto+ Oral in the food for their horse, we started looking at the possibilities of a special Finecto+ for horses, and after some time and thanks to developments, we can now proudly announce: Finecto+ Horse is a fact!

How does Finecto+ Horse work in horses and what is the difference with Finecto+ Oral?

Finecto+ Horse was tested by Leuven University on different horses that were affected by mites, and also by summer eczema. The professor who led the tests was very enthusiastic about the effect of Finecto+ Horse. This is how it works; by adding Finecto+ Horse powder to the food, the horse becomes unattractive to mites, lice, gnats and other biting insects. Therefore Finecto+ Horse works as a repellent and is 100% natural. The lice and gnats no longer want to bite, as a result of which itching and eczema improves or disappears completely. Finecto+ Horse also gives good results in the case of summer scratch problems.

Finecto+ Horse is based on Finecto+ Oral, but it uses an ingredient that horses like to eat and the composition is more concentrated. This is to improve the absorption. Thanks to the concentrated form, a pot will last longer. A pot of 600 grams is enough for 50 days of preventative application in horses over 400 Kg. and 100 days in horses and ponies below 400 Kg.

Advantages of Finecto+ Horse:

  • Repelling and protective effect against ectoparasites (external parasites such as mites and gnats)
  • 100% natural, containing no poison
  • Easy to mix in with the food
  • Helps to prevent summer eczema and mud fever problems
  • The strength of herbs
  • Works especially well during training
  • No build-up of resistance 

Washing no longer needed, just mix Finecto+ Horse into the food

Time-consuming washing routines can now be a thing of the past by simply mixing Finecto+ Horse into the food. This not only saves much time and irritation, it also means less stress. An additional advantage: Finecto+ Horse works better as a result when training your horse. External products like shampoos or other ointments are less effective when a horse sweats, because the horses’ sweat disguises the effect. Finecto+ Horse has the opposite effect. When horses sweat during training, more smells are released via the sweat and this has a repelling effect. Mites will leave the animal and flies, horseflies and gnats will no longer want to sting or bite.

Do you want to know more about Finecto+ Horse? Here you can read more information and order.

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