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prevent red poultry mite

Why you should start control red mites now

Did you know that red mite eggs can hibernate? As a result, the red mites season for poultry has already begun, because these eggs can hatch at temperatures above 10°C. For that reason, it is wise to start preventive treatments now. This is because red mites multiply incredibly rapidly (they produce every day 8 eggs!). Be sure to take action on time, before it’s too late.

Tips for preventive treatments for red mites

Red mites are persistent and difficult to control. Controlling red mites is possible, although many hobby chicken farmers would disagree.

When treating for red mites, it is very important that you keep a close eye on your chickens and begin promptly. It is important to be very consistent. For that reason, we have written out the most important tips. The more you can apply, the less chance there will be of a red mites infestation:

1 – Clean the coop using a lot of water

Mites cannot swim and water can rinse away their eggs. A disinfectant is not even required, as long as you use a large amount of water. U can use a high pressure hose. Get the spray in every crack and crevice. If you miss a crack, hundreds of mites could be hiding in there so it’s really important to ensure you get into everywhere possible.

2 – Spray Finecto+ Protect in the coop

After cleaning the coop, it is important for you to make the coop unattractive to red mites. First you have to wait until the coop is dry. When the coop is dry you have to spray the road that the red mites take to get to the chicken in with Finecto+ Protect. During the day, red mites hide in cracks and crevice and at night they crawl to the perch and climb from the chicken’s leg upwards. So make sure you spray the way from the cracks and crevices towards the chickens perch.

Read here more about the Finecto Red Mite method, the #1 treatment method from the Netherlands.

3 – Have the coop well aired out from time to time

Red mites prefer a humid environment. For that reason, it is worth recommending that you have the coop well aired out from time to time so that the house stays dry.

4 – Have you nevertheless discovered red mites? Feed Finecto+ Oral

Combatting red mites is possible if you are able to reach the eggs, young mites and full-grown red mites. With Finecto+ Oral, you reach the red mites that suck blood from the chicken. Finecto+ Oral makes the blood of your chickens indigestible and therefore they cannot reproduce themselves anymore. By combining this with Finecto+ Protect spray in the coop, you reach both young and fully-grown red mites. Here you can buy a combinationpackage of Finecto.

5 – Limit cracks and crevice

Red mites hide in cracks and seams. Limit the cracks and seams by sealing them with putty or by purchasing a coop with the fewest seams possible.

6 – Sandbox for the chickens

Not only do the chickens themselves love it, but it also serves a purpose. The sand acts as a deterrent to red mites on chickens. For that reason, provide an area where the chickens can have a nice bath in dry sand.

Conclusion: Start treating against red mites now, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. Be consistent with the treatment and leave nothing to chance. Did you know that there is a test which you can place in the coop? With this test you can check your chickens every week on red mites. You can buy it here. Good luck!

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