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Why there is no product that works 100% against fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are perhaps the biggest annoyance of dog owners. As an owner you will spontaneously get itchy when you see the parasites walking, but dogs can also get a lot of complaints from it. If you treat your dog for fleas and ticks (chemically or naturally), your dog may still get fleas and ticks. How is this possible and is there a product that works 100% against fleas and ticks?

Chance of resistance to chemical products increasing

Chemical control of fleas and ticks is widely used. It is effective and works quickly. But because it is used so much, the chance that fleas and ticks will become resistant to these agents is increasing. As a result, dogs continue to suffer from fleas and ticks and the means will no longer have any effect at all in the long run.

Swimming and washing reduces the effect of chemical agents

Many products are affected by swimming/washing. Does your dog like to swim? Then choose a product that remains active even after swimming. Many natural remedies against fleas and ticks retain this effect. These agents are in fact absorbed by the dog through the food and then excreted through the skin. This is not washable, so dogs can swim a lot without any problems and are still protected against fleas and ticks.

fend off 100% is impossible

It is impossible to 100% prevent dogs from getting fleas or ticks. This applies to both chemical and natural products against fleas and ticks. These resources are all supportive, but it is no guarantee that not a single tick will land on the dog and bite itself. A tick often has to bite itself first to get the pesticides, so that it dies / releases afterwards. In areas with a lot of ticks, 95% of the ticks can be repelled, but 5% still end up on the dog and cause discomfort.

Our preference goes to natural protection

Many dog ​​owners think that natural remedies do not work against fleas and ticks, but that is not true. Natural protection does work differently and requires a different way of application. But we always prefer the natural approach. This way ensures that the overall resistance of the dog does not decrease and it is safe for the animal, owner and the environment.

In the event of an extreme flea outbreak, it is sometimes necessary to chemically treat the outbreak (for example at home) to quickly get the outbreak under control, but it is always advisable to switch to a natural approach as soon as possible.

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