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How effective are red mite blockers against red mites in chickens

Red mites are actually very clever parasites. By hiding during the day, they protect themselves from the active chickens. And as soon as the chickens move to the perch, the red mites become active. The chicken’s peace is disturbed considerably as soon as there are red mites in the coop. Red mite blockers are ideal for this reason, because they ensure that chickens can sit quietly on their perches. How does this work? Read all about it in this blog!

Red mites breathe through their back

There are pores on the back of red mites, and through these pores the red mite can breathe. Once these pores become blocked, the red mites can no longer breathe and will suffocate.

Red mite blockers are an additional obstacle

Because red mites are active at night, it is difficult to control them. Red mite blockers are attached between the wall and the perch, creating an additional obstacle for the red mites. The red mite blockers are filled with oil (preferably lemongrass oil combined with citronellol and citronellal). The oil is then the only way for the red mites to get to the chicken.

As the red mites pass through the oil, the pores will become clogged. This causes the red mites to suffocate and die. Red mite blockers are therefore an effective tool to deal with adult red mites.

Be sure to keep red mite blockers clean!

Where there are chickens there is dust, so a chicken coop is a very dusty environment. This dust swirls around and lands, among other things, on the oil contained in the red mite blocker. This creates a layer on the oil that red mites can walk on. The effect of red mite blockers is lost as a result, which is a shame. Therefore, always clean the red mite blockers regularly to keep them dust-free. Unfortunately, most red mite blockers are difficult to clean because they are attached to the perch and the cage. However, nowadays there are also removable red mite blockers available, which are only attached to the perch. The perch, including the red mite blocker, is removed from the cage, making it easy for you to empty and clean them.

Red mite blockers are a part of the method against red mites

Through red mite blockers, you only tackle adult red mites. Therefore, it is important to use multiple methods and products against red mites. Choose internal supplements that are herbal-based, as they make the chickens’ blood indigestible. Also, keep the chicken coop clean and spray it regularly with a special spray based on silica. This acts as a kind of sandpaper on which the young red mites rub themselves and dry out.

Also don’t forget to hang a red mite test under the perch, this is the way to quickly see if there is a red mite infestation in the coop!

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