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Bescherm je hond tegen teken en Lyme

Protecting your dog against ticks

Ticks are becoming increasingly common. They are also active for a longer time during the year due to milder winters. This means dogs are susceptible to ticks on an almost year-round basis. The problem with ticks is they transmit debilitating conditions, such as Lyme disease. That’s why you should always check your dog for ticks after a walk. Prevention is, of course, better than cure. So, how do you keep ticks off of your dogs?

Ticks are spider-like insects that live in tall grasses, shrubs and trees. When a dog walks past or through vegetation, a tick may fall into the dog’s fur. It will then bury itself through the fur and into the skin in order to suck blood. Tick bites are not very painful, though the bitten area can be a little itchy. The real problem ticks pose is the diseases they can transmit. Apart from the notorious Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis now also occur in the UK. These diseases are transmitted by ticks that were previously only encountered abroad but have now also established themselves in the UK.

Insecticide-based products are not effective

Various products are available on the market for fleas and ticks. These include drops applied to the back of the animal’s neck, a tablet or a spray. Such chemical products are often based on commonly used insecticides like fipronil or fluralaner. But many people are not comfortable with the idea of applying an insecticide onto their pet. There have been reports of dogs experiencing serious adverse effects such as burns or neurological effects. Residues from these chemicals can also end up in the environment by way of the excrement of dogs and cats. Owners themselves should also be cautious when using these products and keep them out of reach of children.

And beyond this, traditional chemical products don’t at all prevent your dog (or cat) from being bitten by a tick! With chemical products like fipronil or fluralaner, the ticks will only die after they have attached to the skin. These substances are absorbed into your dog’s bloodstream and take effect when the tick has already fed on the blood. The compound in the blood poisons the tick, killing it.

Repelling ticks

Natural products based on herbal formulas have been proven to be effective in preventing ticks. Finecto+ Dog is a dietary supplement that you mix into your dog’s regular food. The ingredients will then be absorbed into the bloodstream. The herbs and essential oils in Finecto+ Dog will make your dog unattractive to ticks. Your dog will then naturally repel ticks. Ticks will still be able to fall or leap onto your dog, but will bite up to 90% less. There’s no easier or safer way of preventing tick bites!

What to do if you do find a tick

Unfortunately, there isn’t a product out there, chemical or natural, that is 100% effective. You must therefore continue to be vigilant and check your dog after every walk in the woods. Fortunately, the transmission of disease doesn’t take place immediately after a tick bite. The tick has to bury itself into the skin and anchor its mouthpieces before it is able to suck blood.

That’s why if you remove a tick within 24 hours, the chance of your dog contracting a disease is very slim. Check your dog for ticks every day and remove any that you find using a tick removal tool, taking particular care to remove the head with a twisting motion. Never use alcohol when removing a tick! This can actually lead to disease transmission as the tick will be made to vomit.

Also effective against fleas!

Your dog’s blood will also naturally repel fleas when it’s given Finecto+ Dog, which is good because fleas need to drink blood to lay eggs. If they do end up drinking the ‘tainted’ blood, they will not be able to digest the herbs and will still die. In any case, they’ll no longer be able to lay any eggs and the flea’s reproductive cycle will be broken.

Finecto+ Dog
Finecto+ Dog
  • 100% natural, contains no toxins
  • More than 90% protection against fleas and ticks
  • Enough for 300 days*
  • 300 g
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