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Prevent fleas in dogs naturally

Do you want to treat your pet against fleas naturally? Then the natural way is an ideal solution. A natural supplement makes the blood of dogs indigestible for fleas with the result that they can no longer lay eggs. This interrupts the cycle of fleas. Thus, no new fleas can develop and the infestation in your dog’s environment is reduced. Such a supplement is 100% natural and consists of herbs and essential oils and therefore does not negatively affect the dog’s resistance.

Chemical anti-flea remedies

What many dog lovers do not know is that insecticides (such as fipronil) are used in the well-known chemical flea and tick repellents for flea control and prevention. These insecticides are administered to dogs through drops, a collar, or a tablet. The concentration of these insecticides is thousands of times higher than in the eggs from the fipronil scandal. By using these agents on dogs, you not only expose your dog to this harmful substance, but also your family while cuddling.

Herbs and essential oils offer the natural solution against fleas

The use of herbs and essential oils (combination of Fenugreek, brewer’s yeast, sepiolite, thymus, echinacea, curcuma, astragalus, citronellol, citronellal) is ideally suited for use against fleas. The herbs and essential oils are excreted through the blood and skin, making your dog unattractive to fleas. Because the mechanism of action of herbs and essential oils is based on natural laws, it is not harmful to animals or humans. In addition, fleas cannot develop resistance to natural remedies.

How it works.

Fleas need blood to survive and reproduce. The herbs and essential oils in natural supplements are absorbed into the dog’s blood. This causes a flea to become constipated after sucking blood because fleas cannot digest these herbs and essential oils. This prevents them from laying new eggs and interrupts the cycle of fleas

Don’t forget your dog’s environment

Don’t forget that fleas lay eggs in your dog’s environment. For example, in the dog’s pillow, carpet and fabric furniture. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the environment repeatedly. Vacuum regularly and wash the dog cushion/upholstery furniture in the washing machine if possible.

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