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treating flea naturally in dogs

Prevent fleas in a natural manner with Finecto+ Dog!

Do you want to treat your pet for fleas in a natural manner? Then Finecto+ Dog is the perfect solution. Finecto+ Dog causes the dog’s blood to become indigestible for fleas, resulting in the fleas no longer being able to lay eggs. This interrupts the fleas’ life cycle, it prevents new fleas from developing and diminishes the infestation in your dog’s environment. Finecto+ Dog is 100% natural and consists of herbs and essential oils.

Chemical anti-flea substances

Many dog lovers are unaware that the well-known chemical flea and tick treatment substances contain insecticides such as fipronil to combat and prevent flea infestations. These insecticides are administered to dogs through drops, collars or pills. The concentration of these insecticides is thousand times higher than in the fipronil scandal eggs. If you use these substances to treat fleas on your dog, you do not only expose your dog but also your family to this harmful chemical.

Herbs and essential oils offer an all-natural solution to fleas

When combating fleas, herbs and essential oils are especially suitable. The herbs and essential oils are secreted through the blood and the skin and ensure that your dog becomes utterly unappealing to fleas. The working mechanism of herbs and essential oils is based on the laws of nature, which means they are not harmful to animals or people. In addition, it is impossible for fleas to develop a resistance against natural substances.

How does it work?

Fleas require blood to survive and to reproduce. The herbs and essential oils in Finecto+ Dog are absorbed by the blood of the dog. This ensures that a flea becomes congested after sucking the blood as fleas cannot digest these herbs and essential oils. As a result, they will no longer be able to lay eggs, thereby interrupting the fleas’ life cycle. Check out the Finecto+ Dog product here.

Don’t forget your dog’s environment

Don’t forget that fleas also lay eggs in your dog’s environment. For example, on your dog’s pillow, in the carpet or in upholstered furniture. Therefore, we recommend you clean the environment repeatedly as well. Regularly vacuum the house and wash the dog pillow/furniture upholstery in the washing machine if possible.

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