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Prepare for the mite season in horses!

September! The month in which you unfortunately have to take into account mites in horses. Temperatures are slowly dropping, it is becoming more humid and horses are usually more stabled towards the end of the month. This means that the mites will also become more active again and like to nest in the warm (sweltering) feathers of horses. Do you want to be ahead of the mite misery this year? Prepare now for the mite season!

Start with a detox for your horse!

September is the ideal month to give your horse a detox. The waste that your horse has built up during the summer must be removed. Because a clean body is less attractive to mites! Choose a detox that lasts a maximum of one week, because a detox is quite intense and costs a lot of energy. A detox is not without danger, so never apply it to horses that are extremely overweight or, for example, to horses that are prone to laminitis. Do you think a detox is too intense for your horse? Liquid nettle is a mild cleanse and can be seen as an alternative to a detox.
Are you unsure whether a detox is safe for your horse? Contact a therapist or us.

Start with an herbal supplement against mites

If you start treating mites in time, you can start with a maintenance dose of a herbal supplement. It is then not necessary to start with a high dose because there is no mite infestation yet. And the sooner you start, the easier it is to keep mites under control.

Choose a supplement that will make the horse’s blood and dander indigestible for mites. Mites can then no longer reproduce, causing the population to shrink.

Shave the feathers and soak the legs

For many horse owners this is always a difficult point: shaving off the feathers. But it is so very important in the treatment of mites in horses. By shaving the feathers you can detect wounds faster and the treatment here is easier. The legs also become less attractive because air is added. Is your horse familiar with mites? Then we always recommend shaving off the feathers. And not only when the mite problem is there, but preventively to keep the mite outbreak manageable.

Soaking the legs in a herbal mixture based on castor oil also helps against mites. This nourishes the skin and makes the skin more resilient. It is an extra step to take in the treatment of mites. For example, soak the legs preventively every 6 weeks.

Start on time and avoid a lot of misery!

The first blow is worth a dollar, an old saying but really applicable when it comes to mites in horses. The sooner you treat preventively, the easier it is and the more manageable you can keep mites. This prevents you from having to treat chemically, because you would rather prevent this as this is an enormous attack on the overall resistance of the horse.

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