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Make 2017 a year without stamping and / or itchy horses!

For us, winter is not only a period where we seek some cosy warmth with friends; mites and lice also look for warmth on horses, resulting in stomping and chafing horses. A problem that causes a lot of irritation for the horse and its owner. But how do you get rid of the problem?

Herbs provide the solution

Mites and lice are difficult to control because they end up between the coat and inaccessible areas. In addition, the cold in the winter makes it almost impossible to wash the horses with anti-lice shampoo. So how do you get round this?

Herbs and essential oils in Finecto+ Horse appear to be the solution. When you mix the powder in the feed, you make the horses’ blood indigestible for mites and lice. If they don’t eat (blood) the mites and lice cannot survive or propagate. The horses will, over time, stop stomping and/or itchy, provided that the cause was in these parasites.

Make solving the mite/lice problem your 2017 resolution!

Not only will your horse be very happy, but you will be too once the problem is finally under control. Mixing the powder in the feed is no hassle at all, so make it your 2017 resolution to get rid of the mites / lice problem once and for all! More information about Finecto+ Horse is available here .

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