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Finally a natural solution for mites on ornamental

Finally a natural solution for mites on ornamental / exotic birds

For years mites have been a source of great irritation among lovers of ornamental bird, such as canaries. And once you have got them it is very difficult to get rid of them completely. DIY tips for mixing chemical products and spraying aviaries do work, but only for a short period. That is now going to change thanks to the combination Finecto+ Oral and Finecto+ spray.

What is so unique in this approach?

The products are not only 100% natural, they have a unique approach. With chemical sprays you cannot reach the mites that are on the birds and under the feathers, with the Finecto+ approach you can. Of course the aviary itself will have to be sprayed as well, and here Finecto+ Protect comes into its own. But with Finecto+ Oral powder you make the ornamental birds’ blood unattractive for mites. This is thanks to the herb mixture in the powder, and this too is 100% natural. In this way you not only reach the mites that hide in the aviary, but the mites on the animal itself as well!

What happens when you use this approach?

Because you spray the aviary and feed the herb mixture to the ornamental birds, there is nowhere left for the mites to go. Whilst initially you did not see many mites during the day, you will now see many more, because they have nowhere left to go. So no need to panic when you suddenly see more mites, this is the correct response to the Finecto+ approach. This shows you that it works.

The life cycle of a mite is about 6 days, so after 6 days you will see fewer and fewer mites. It is important to continue adding the herb mix, because there are still eggs that are going to hatch. The test results show that after 14 days the number of mites is about 80 %. 

Prevent problems, treat preventatively

Prevention is of course better than curing. Therefore it is sensible to make the aviary unattractive for mites before the mite season starts. All you have to do is use the Finecto+ spray. Mites like warm weather, so the mite season starts from about the beginning of spring.

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