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poison ticks and fleas via your dog

Do you want to poison ticks and fleas via your dog?

Many dog lovers do not know that chemical flea-repellent treatments are full of toxic substances. These toxic substances are not only harmful to fleas and ticks but to dogs themselves too. Many collars and spot-on drops contain the chemical substance fipronil at levels a hundred thousand times higher than in the fipronil egg scandal. In addition, tablets available from the vet often contain the neurotoxic substance fluralaner.

Risks of chemical flea and tick repellents

Use of chemical flea- and tick-repellent treatments can be extremely harmful to the environment and to your own health and that of your dog. Because when you use an external treatment such as drops or a flea collar, the chemical substance fipronil is absorbed into your body too when you pet your dog. Besides, fipronil and fluralaner, which are released into the environment via the excrement, have a long-lasting negative effect on soil life. Both decompose extremely slowly to boot.

Fleas and ticks come into contact with these substances by ingesting your dog’s treated blood. Your dog needs a high dose to get enough of the active substance into the parasites to kill them within a specific period. This cannot be healthy.

Meanwhile, there are many known instances of dogs suffering from the following medical conditions after treatment with chemical substances:

  • Burns on the skin
  • Excessive wheezing and drinking
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Kidney and liver problems
  • Listlessness
  • Death

Unfortunately, these cases are not studied and/or proven scientifically. Neither will they be, because doing so is very expensive and is not funded by the manufacturer or any other institution. There are also more and more reports of fleas and ticks becoming immune to chemical treatments by building up resistance.

Are there effective natural alternatives?

No dog lover wants to poison their own dog in the process of poisoning fleas and ticks. The choice for a natural product is thus soon made. But what should you opt for, then? Select a natural product which has been proven to work. Preferably on multiple animal species. Finecto+ Dog is one such natural alternative. Finecto+ has been in existence for over 10 years and conducts extensive research into the effects of natural ingredients such as herbs. You may already have used it for your chickens, birds and/or horses. The successful formula was recently extended to include a special version for dogs.

It works as follows:

The herbs in Finecto+ Dog find their way into the dog’s bloodstream via their food. Fleas are unable to digest these herbs and therefore cannot lay new eggs, and ticks do not latch on. Ticks no longer find your dog appealing. They will still jump onto your dog but bite 90% less. These herbs have been used on chickens and horses successfully for many years.


Nobody wants to poison their own dog to get rid of ticks and fleas. In addition, you yourself run the risk of ingesting the toxic substances. No flea and tick repellent offers 100% protection, whether chemical or natural. The choice of a natural alternative is soon made, because nobody wants to poison their own dog. Treat preventatively to counter fleas and ticks.

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