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Can worms in chickens be controlled naturally?

Many chicken owners do not realize that chickens can also suffer from worms. It is only when the chickens become ill that a worm infection is discussed and the vet is called in for a worm treatment. But did you know that you can also treat worms preventively and that there are natural remedies nowadays? These have no negative effects on the quality of eggs!

Recognize worms in chickens

All chickens have worms, these live in balance with the chicken and do not cause any problems. An excess of worms can cause problems and chickens can get sick. It is only through a manure test that it is possible to actually get confirmation whether there are worms. But there are a number of symptoms that indicate worms:
– lose weight chickens
– Bloody diarrhea
– Pale and/or dry combs
– Chickens are bulging
– Chickens become less active
– Chickens stop laying eggs
Does a chicken show these symptoms? Then we recommend taking action and possibly starting preventive against worms. This can be done in a natural way and that is always preferable! Natural remedies support the intestinal wall and make the intestinal wall thicker, so that they cannot settle in the intestinal wall and the worms are immediately removed via the manure. In addition, natural resources also support the general resistance of chickens.

Preventive or curative treatment against worms?

As soon as there is a worm infestation, it is important to treat curatively against worms. This involves starting a treatment to remove excess worms from the chicken’s digestive system. In addition, you can treat preventively, so to prevent a worm infestation. You do this by providing the chickens with a small amount of supplement every week, so that they remain resistant to worms.
We recommend a mixture of aromatic substances (turmeric, artemisia, thymus and allium), which help thicken the intestinal wall and support the chicken’s overall resistance. Curatively, you then give a solution of this through the drinking water for a week, every day. Preventively, give chickens a dose of this mixture twice a week through the drinking water.
It is also possible to regularly (just to be sure) to apply a curative dose and also to treat preventively. This mixture is completely natural and safe for chicken and environment. Eggs from the chickens can also continue to be eaten, as it does not affect the quality of the eggs.

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